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History of Writing 3-Part Cards with Descriptions

Learn About the Rosetta Stone, Chinese character writing and other types of writing.

This set is a fantastic follow up activity for the Great Lesson about the Story of Writing. It includes unique photograph cards, alphabet cards, information cards, detail image cards, labels and controls for important historical writing from cave painting to modern writing.

Key Features

  • Alphabets,images, text cards, labels and controls.
  • Cave Painting, Chinese Writing, Cuneiform, Heiroglyphics, Roman, Hebrew, Phoenician, Rosetta Stone, Greek, Gothic, Ideogram, Modern Writing, Arabic, Phonogram
  • Fantastic extension following the Story of Writing.
  • 70 cards in all

Goes well with our other Great Lesson materials- Timeline of LifeOrigin of the Universe and History of Numbers.


  • printed on quality 100% post consumer recycled white card stock ready for you to trim and laminate yourself
  • or laminated (5-7mil), trimmed and ready for immediate use.

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