Montessori 123 is a mom and pop (and daughters) operation based in Seattle. We combine our loves of Montessori and graphic design to create the most beautiful and functional materials on the market—materials we take great pride in producing.
We know that although you can (and do) make your own Montessori materials, teaching doesn't always allow you the time to create the perfect material for each lesson. That's where we come in! We love hearing "if only I had known about you when I started teaching, I could have saved myself so much time and effort!"
We currently offer nearly 500 different cardstock materials for your classroom. As we head into the future, we hope to expand our library with relevant materials for Montessori students from Toddler to Upper Elementary. We love to hear suggestions about your classroom needs. Chances are, if you need a particular material, other teachers do, too.

Our Team

Megan Jepson- Owner
Megan is trained as a Primary AMS instructor. She received her certification from MEIPN (Montessori Education Institute of the Northwest) in 2003 and has taught in Seattle and in Thailand. She currently creates and advises on new materials as well as keeps Montessori 123 moving forward. She does this while raising her daughter (born in January of 2012) in a home Montessori environment.
Marshall Balick- Owner
Marshall comes from a strong sales and marketing background in the outdoor industry. Prior to that he received his Masters in Education with a certification in high school physical science and math. He loves creating materials on the computer, but his favorite part of owning Montessori 123 is interacting with customers. He loves working in the Montessori world because he believes in the mission of Maria Montessori, and our customers are all so nice.
Coco and Pearl Balick- Product Testing
Born in 2012 and 2014 Coco and Pearl are head product testers. Having attended Montessori schools from age 2, they are  connoisseur of Montessori materials. Coco's current favorite is button sewing (which we don't make) while Pearl is very interested in our Land, Water, Air vehicles. They can be found around the office and at conferences giving unsolicited feedback on what they like and dislike in Materials. Beware.
Tricia Bentley- Marketing and Newsletters, Materials Creator
Tricia came to us after finally finding some time in her life to hit the work force again. Mother of 5 children, she brings expertise in marketing and communication. Tricia has a keen eye for workflow and efficiency.
Happie Ari- Content Developer, Materials Creator
After earning a bachelors degree in English and exploring post-graduate education courses at the University of Missouri, Happie worked for several years at Wright Group/McGraw-Hill and later at the University of Washington. Before joining Montessori 123 in early 2014, worked as an office assistant and tutor at her son’s elementary school.

Beautiful materials

Our business is built on a foundation of over twenty years of teaching experience in traditional schools, Montessori classrooms, and the homeschool environment.

Montessori 123 offers hundreds of beautiful and affordable handmade Montessori materials designed to engage young learners in a variety of subjects based on the Montessori philosophy. Whether it's phonetic reading, landforms, history of writing, animal classification or art history, we've got something for every need and classroom.

Our materials stand apart for their vivid, full-color photographs that align with the Montessori principle of providing children with the most authentic, real-life examples possible. Our process allows us to offer extremely high-quality, glossy prints in sturdy cardstock and durable laminate.

We strive to offer personalized customer service and inspiration for you. Whether it's your classroom or home that's filled with eager learners, we work hard to grow and evolve our materials to improve your teaching experiences.

Your Time, Your Money, Your Choice

We get it—you need to save time, but sometimes you also need to save money. That's why we offer our materials in an economical choice of either high-quality printed heavy cardstock or as a digital PDF file (available for most sets) you can print yourself. Of course, we also offer all of our cardstock materials laminated (7 mil), trimmed and ready-to-use.


  • We accept Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and personal checks (may take 7-10 days to clear).
  • We also accept school purchase orders.
  • International buyers please pay using Credit Card or Paypal. We are unable to accept international money orders or checks drawn on non-US banks.


  • Shipments within the United States are made via USPS. Orders generally arrive within one week from the date the order was submitted...sometimes faster.
  • PDF Digital Downloads are delivered automatically to the email address provided at checkout.
  • International orders are shipped via USPS Global Priority or Airmail Parcel Post depending on the weight of the order. Delivery time is an estimated 1 to 3 weeks, however it may take longer due to customs.

How Can We Help?

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or problems with your order; we will do everything we can to make it right. We'd much rather hear from you and right the wrong than hear nothing at all. Give us an opportunity to come to the peace table.