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Poison Dart Frogs "Who Am I?" 3-Part Cards with Objects

SKU Zo81Lo

This set comes with 8 hand painted frogs (about 1.5" in size), 3 Part Cards with full color photos and fun 'Who am I' riddle stories as an extension. The riddle stories are geared towards 7-10 year olds.

What's cooler than a poison dart frog? Did you know that they carry their tadpoles on their back and place them in a pool of water individually?

These colorful frogs will grab your student's interest as she learns about unique traits of each of the eight frogs included in this set. Because these frogs are so fascinating, we also included some additional text cards about Habitat, General Physical Traits and Behavior & Lifecycle. 


  • Blue Dart Frog
  • Bumblebee Dart Frog
  • Golden Dart Frog
  • Strawberry Dart Frog
  • Sira Dart Frog
  • Green and Black Dart Frog
  • Blue Jeans Dart Frog
  • Dyeing Dart Frog


  • With small 1-3" objects
  • laminated (5-7mil), trimmed and ready for immediate use.

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