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Zoology "Who Am I?" 3-Part Cards - Invertebrates

SKU Zo410L
Our riddle stories are a great way to help with animal classification, facts and identification. These Who am I Story cards feature a beautiful photo card, a photo control card, a description card and a label card for matching. We also include a cover sheet with 6 different lesson suggestions.

These 3 x 3.75 inch cards contain the animals: Coral, Starfish, Crayfish, Snail, Earthworm, Centipede, Scorpion, Spider, Jellyfish and Millipede.


  • printed on quality 100% post consumer recycled white card stock ready for you to trim and laminate yourself
  • or laminated (5-7mil), trimmed and ready for immediate use
  • or as a an instant download PDF.



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