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Whole to Parts Farm Match


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Whole to Part Matching Photographs for Toddlers and Preschoolers. Young children match cards that go together of the whole object and a part of the object. By matching whole to part pictures they are using visual discrimination and one to one matching skills important to reading. These bright and vivid photographs delight young learners while developing concentration, order, and visual discrimination. Use them to inspire young minds to think about the wonders of the natural world or simply use them for matching work to prepare the young child for reading and writing. 

Key Features

  • Cards measure 4 x 5 inches and have a black border.
  • 24 matching cards in all
  • Control card included


  • printed on quality 100% post consumer recycled white card stock ready for you to trim and laminate yourself
  • or laminated (5-7mil), trimmed and ready for immediate use.
  • or as a digital download pdf.