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A July Update From the Farm

A July Update From the Farm

July 14, 2020

Planning. We are planning for the unknown and wondering what the fall will look like. Will my children be home with me or at school? I still want/need to be able to work, so in anticipation we're doing a small remodel of the former sheep shed on our property, redoing the floors and adding windows. It's a tiny 224sf space that might end up fitting Montessori 123 equipment, but also could serve other purposes depending on our future needs.

New office plan

For now we've left the Seattle office and are filling orders out of the back of our garage and trailer.

Garage M123 orders

M123 orders trailer

This won't work for long, so we're making plans to move to a temporary office in town. We are so fortunate to live in a community like the Methow Valley; we put out feelers and found a perfect space within a week. We'll post photos once we've got everything set up in the new space.

Meanwhile, farm life continues to speed forward. King the kitten is a total sweetheart, and seems to be feeling very much at home. I don’t think Marshall expected we would literally get a cat the day after we moved the office, but the local feed store received a fresh crop of feral kittens and we went for it! Opal the pup continues to be adorable as ever.

Opal the pup and King the kitten

In moving the office we unearthed the first motorized vehicle I purchased, Rhonda the Honda. I haven’t ridden her in 6 years, so she’s needing some love. Luckily my helper Parker (7) is highly motivated to help me restore Rhonda and get her up and running. Here’s to more adventuring!

Rhonda the Honda and Megan

This process of trying to anticipate our needs is tough. I know we're not alone, and I've been thinking a lot about how we can help prepare families and teachers for fall school and home needs. We're still offering our rotating set of free pdf downloads, plus we've got lots of stock ready to ship quick (it's all living in that trailer!). We also put together some bestselling material packs by age group in case you need direction on where to start building your Montessori 123 collection.

Don't hesitate to reach out for help with anything including putting together fall purchase orders. We're still in this together, no matter how wild things get. I've found connecting over the phone or video call to be so helpful in navigating how to be an educator right now.

-Megan and the Montessori 123 Team

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