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A Plant Identification Scavenger Hunt

A Plant Identification Scavenger Hunt

I am grateful for my garden this year. My morning routine consists of turning on the hoses to the garden, opening up the chicken pen to release the girls for the day, then back to check on the garden and all its new bounty. The girls have been excited to get involved too, and are an incredible inspiration for me. I have been pondering how I combine my love of Montessori material making and return to my educational farming roots since we moved to this beautiful property. More to come soon on the educational farming roots and where we are heading towards creating a farm school!

We have been harvesting a lot of vegetables from the garden so I decided to pull out the Montessori 123 Plant Parts We Eat Sorting Cards, and the girls and I set out on a garden scavenger hunt. Even though it was an upper 90-degree day, we all had a blast.

This kind of curriculum plus general fun is what I'm trained for, and I love to share it with educators and families beyond my little community. I know there's an abundance of resources across the internet, but sometimes a conversation is just the place to start. With that in mind, here's a link to schedule a call with me. The virus has thrown so many things into uncertainty, but there's no reason coming up with daily activities has to be a struggle.

Most of the girls are readers, so they were excited to think which parts of which plants we get to eat. First, they looked for a root. “I know, a radish! The part we eat from a radish is a root. Let’s see what its leaves look like?” They also found carrots, another root. Harley found kale, an example of leaves we eat.

More leaves were discovered: Swiss chard! And Pearl found the thorn-less golden raspberries, a fruit. And a flower, broccoli.


Picking the veggies then washing and tasting them gave us all a thrill. The girls rocked our plant parts we eat scavenger hunt! Our next adventure in the garden will be turning the Montessori 123 Seed Matching Cards into a fun scavenger hunt. With the uncertainty of schools being open or closed we are working hard support families in using our materials. Please do reach out with ideas and activities you have created for using Montessori language cards in a fun interactive way. We look forward to hearing from you!

Remember, we've still got our rotating free pdf download materials. Plus we've put together bestselling material packs by age group, a great place to jump start your Montessori materials collection or just bring it to another level. Please don't hesitate to reach out and schedule a call with me. I am always happy to talk about materials and curriculum needs!

Be well and take care!

-Megan and the Montessori 123 team

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