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First Day of Coral Farms Camp!

First Day of Coral Farms Camp!

August 18, 2020

Thank you for all the excitement surrounding Coral Farms (a combo of Coco and Pearl's names) on social media! We love that there are families out there joyful for and with us during this time. Our first day of farm camp happened with 8 kids from our community micro-pod, and it was so magical and beautiful and everything I could have ever wished for!

We started the day out by having students choose a special spot to take in their natural surroundings and make observations using each of their senses. They received their own private journals, then after a short journaling session they came back to a socially distanced circle.

We went over safety and boundaries of the farm, then created a contract for how we want to treat each other.

We introduced the rest of the day by identifying living and non-living characteristics of an organism with the assist of our Montessori 123 Living or Non-Living sorting cards set.

The mnemonic I like to use is Mrs. Gref. The campers in all their creativity and understanding of the concepts came up with a visual mnemonic of what Mrs. Gref would look like. Genius!

We then created a map of the farm by having the students work together to collect materials 10 paces x 5 away from the center of the farm. They could choose something that was interesting to them: living, non-living, how it’s helpful or hurtful to the farm. We then put our collected treasures in the circle of our farm compass/map; they loved creating this!

In the afternoon we journaled our morning experience. It was all so much fun, and we're so excited to share more Coral Farms experiences with you.

How have you decided to handle this back-to-school time? We'd love to hear about your creative learning solutions. And of course how we can help you achieve them. Click here to schedule a call with me (Megan, curriculum lead), or interact with us on Instagram and Facebook.

-Megan and the Montessori 123 Team


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