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Homeschooling in the Methow Valley - Week One

Homeschooling in the Methow Valley - Week One

Week one of having our two girls home was challenging, as I'm sure many of you experienced. At the beginning of this week I'm feeling more organized, but I wanted to share an update and some photos. During this time we're all feeling so protective of our tribe, and I've found this social space on the internet a fascinating way to foster creativity and positivity.

Homeschooling in the Methow week one sample schedule.
Each morning I map out what the kids say they want to do. I think about group time and independent play time. We've been barely following the schedules, but at least it gives us a sense of a plan for the day. Basically, as long as I assist in their meal preps every couple of hours and offer a transition of independent vs group activities, then we can actually all get some work done.

I separated their toys from group activities to independent activities and put them in a closet downstairs where they can choose the two of them playing together or something they can do alone. That’s worked well for when Marshall or I are on a work call and they can go help themselves.

Treasure map idea for Montessori homeschool.

Moving forward I'm working on organizing more sample schedules from what we've been using to share with our Montessori 123 family. We've gotten curriculum units from school, so that will help us greatly in fully setting up a Montessori home school.

Homeschooling in the Methow Montessori style week one. Coco and Pearl work with materials.


What we're doing as a business

We're offering free pdfs as well as putting together our "Montessori Mentors" page with links to other great resources from all over the Montessori-verse. We'll update the blog and socials (Instagram and Facebook!) as that evolves. Until then, a reminder that all our materials are available as pdf downloads! You get access to them right on your computer, so you can print and cut yourself, no need to ship anything to you.

With the state of things, we're pausing shipping physical orders. Contact us if you have any questions.

Hang in there, and feel free to reach out if you have ideas, thoughts, or just want to talk through your own family's challenges during this time.

-Megan and the Montessori 123 Team

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